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Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B Men's WatchFew things about Orient:

• You don’t need deep pockets to own an Orient watch.<br>
• Surprisingly, even with a lower price tag, Orient watches present an incredible value.<br>
• A solid built quality, mostly pleasing designs and reliable, in-house workhorse movements are the hallmarks of Orient and they are hard to argue against.<br> 
• A staple name while short-listing watch models that are worth, Orient has long set the direction towards affordable and well-built mechanical watches.

Note: All the above points apply to the Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B Men's Watch.

The Monarch narrative:

The Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B Men's Watch is an exceptionally well done dress piece that’s influenced by the ever-popular Bambino series, especially the case. A part of Orient’s Classic collection, the Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B Men's Watch is comparatively newer, introduced in early Fall 2015.

The Monarch is uniquely vintage-inspired. This addition to the Orient family is unique because Orient produces very few manual winders and this is one. Domed sapphire crystal, a power-reserve indicator and an exhibition case back are the strong points; this combination is almost always absent in watches at this price range.

The Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B measures 45mm with the crown and 13mm thickness, which is a great size for a modern dress watch. The case looks somewhat like a bubble flattened at the top and the bottom. The shape wears well on the wrist and makes the watch appear somewhat smaller than its actual dimensions suggest. The subdued lug-to-lug length responsible, the break between the mid-case and the bezel also play their respective parts.

A prominent detail in the Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve DD03002B is the exaggerated onion crown. The small tube at its base results in a small protrusion like that in the vintage pieces; alongside, it makes for a much easier grip for winding.

The slightly domed sapphire crystal on the top is far more pleasing aesthetically than any flat glass; even acrylic and mineral crystals. Turn the watch over and you’ll find an exhibition case back. Surrounding the glass aperture is an attractive fluted ring; a nice little detail that only highlights the exhibition case back.

The black dial has a discrete sunray finish; it’s subtle and not at all noticeable unless you want to. A nicer choice than just plain black, which often looks flat and plastic if not done well! The exaggerated Arabic numerals are in an ornate typeface that pops out immediately into view. The Breguet hands are a bit brighter than tempered hands, sometimes reflecting the light dramatically, becoming the focal point of the dial.

The power reserve indicator shows approximately 40 hours worth of power-reserve and brings a nice balance to the dial besides serving a functional purpose. The 48C40 caliber from Orient Star Automatic Men's Watch was fairly basic leaving that out, but it’s a wholly effective workhorse. Tucking in 21 jewels, it beats at 21,600vph; hacks and hand-winds. The movement was used for pocket watches, which earns the Orient M-Force Automatic Men's Watch another vintage aspect.

Final verdict:

A bit of a bulkier watch, the Orient Monarch Mechanical Power Reserve Men's Watch is a perfectly comfortable daily wear that does dip into the wrist, without raising any issue with shirt cuffs.
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Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s WatchThe Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch represents a retro style that has been tried and tested over decades. A great watch for casual, everyday wear – even when you are washing the car or bathing your dog; changing oil or tightening up a few nuts. Its daily alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar ensures that you stay spot on time with any job that you pre-scheduled.


The Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch is a digital watch that looks pretty basic from the top. Introduced or the first time in 1991, it is still in production for its high public demand. Simple, reliable and unpretentious, the clean design of the Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch offers features and functions that are equivalent to that of the much higher end field watches but at a price that way down lower than those.

All that went into it:

• Stopwatch: Digital, hence the most accurate of all; the Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch can split time up to 1/100th of a second for 59:59.99 – which is, almost an hour. It can mark net- and lap time.
• Hourly time beep: You can deactivate it if you find it annoying.
• Daily alarm: It rings once a day for 20 seconds.
• Automatic calendar: The watch does not record the year, so you have to manually adjust for leap years. However, February is always counted as 28 days.
• LED backlight: A faint, green LED backlight illuminates the display, which makes the LCD screen highly readable at night.
• Display: The display of the Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch shows the day of the week, the date and the month, along with hour (can be set into a 24-hour format), minutes and seconds. It also shows which half of the day it is (AM/PM) or 24H (24-hour clock); the alarm signal status and the hourly chime status. Switch into stopwatch mode and it will show the minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second.
• Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month.
• Power source: A single CR2016 3-volt lithium button cell powers the Casio Classic Sports Chronograph F-91W-1SDG Men’s Watch, which will last seven years on an average, with alarm and backlight used on a regular basis.
• Water resistance: A rubber seal between the steel back cover and the case of the Casio Mens Watches imparts the watch a moderately high degree of water resistance fit for urban and light outdoor usage; however, the WR won’t hold if you are using the buttons under water. But they do fit tight enough, which makes the surface tension prevent water from seeping inside if you are caught in a shower.

On the outside:

• Dimension: At 37.5 by 33.5 by 8.5 millimetres, the Casio Digital Classic Watches are pretty lightweight (just 21 grams) and is fitted with a 18mm rubber strap that promises to stay put for a lifetime unless tampered with intentionally.
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