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Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Automatic Power Reserve Men’S WatchThe million dollar questions

Seiko, undoubtedly, maintains some lofty standards. It’s enough to boggle not just a watch lover’s mind, but also of those with a keen eye and appreciation for art. But, does the Grand Seiko HI-BEAT Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch equals – if not exceeds – the fine Swiss timepieces? What do you get for the money that fetches you the Grand Seiko HI-BEAT Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch?

All that you get are...

• A technically-perfect movement that proves its worth both short- and long-term.
• GMT, regular time-telling aside; power-reserve indicator and date.
• The latest in materials, engineered to excellence.
• A splendid craftsmanship.
• The enthralling feel of owning a Grand Seiko; not just a high-precision, high-beat watch!

Locking horns:

Oh, there are none beneath the fluted crown, slightly integrated to the case. Pressed in, it winds the mainspring with every turn; to reset the date, pull out to click 1, for resetting the hands, pull out to click 2. But that’s beside the point here; currently, we see the Grand Seiko HI-BEAT Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch and the iconic Rolex GMT Master II locking the fictitious horns. The rivalry, beyond doubts, is highly consensual.

The Grand Seiko HI-BEAT Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch is built on the same concepts as the Rolex and shares many of its elements. Casual-chic, robust and rather sporty to look at, the GMT High Beat 36000 GS is a seamless fit into daily city life.

Now, both the Rolex and this GS are produced entirely in-house. The GS is as pure to its entirety; the Calibre 9S86 has high-specs and is as accurate. Fluctuating between -5 to +3 seconds a day and storing power worth running 55 hours on a fully wound mainspring, it’s the GMT function that steps up the previous Calibre 9S85 to the existing one.

Perfections noted:

• Exterior design: This modern take embodies a new and stunning twist on Grand Seiko’s design philosophy from ’67 when the 44GS was introduced. The reflections are distortion-free and it is a wide mirror-surface throughout.
Beautiful and delicate is its polished finish, also on the dial.

• Fast-beat movement: Extreme precision always stays the chief advantage over lower-frequency movements; it also makes the 9S86 more shock-resistant than lower-beat mechanisms. An added boon, for sure.

• Internal material: Spron 610 is the fruit of Seiko’s five-year old experiment to develop a special alloy. The calibre’s hairspring is made from this alloy, bringing greater shock resistances and being more anti-magnetic than any standard alloy. The additional stress due to high frequency is buffered by redesigned lever, pallets and escape-wheel, resulting in increased longevity. There’s also Spron 530 that makes the calibre’s mainspring, enabling it to withstand a stronger torque; essential for the high-frequency balance. All that is viewable down the window of sapphire making for the larger part of the case-back; the name Grand Seiko Mens Watch shows on the winding rotor. Boldly engraved letters inlaid with gold; the sapphire window showcases the elegance of the high-quality craftsmanship through functional details visible from all angles.

Lastly, the Special:

Steeply sloped, polished and stylized, the GS receives zaratsu treatment - the blade- polishing method of yore. A rotating tin plate does that, placed at a very precise angle, creating a mirror finish, even on the fine bevels of the lugs.

All in all:

Solid, lightweight with a supple and rich leather band, the functional details of the Seiko Automatic Military Power Reserve Men’s Watch harmonizes with the carefully crafted aesthetic abundance, making it a GS to be lured at.
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Omega Constellation Mens WatchesDynamic and contemporary in their expression, the Constellation is an essential part of OMEGA’s heritage for over half a century and engineered for maximum comfort. The Omega Constellation release in 1952 was in celebration of the watch winning the Geneva Observatory ran chronometer competition. It has been the eighth consecutive win, which is also a world record. However, the Constellation changed with the years, so much that the   GlobeMaster started off from the design experimentations. This semi-separate re-edition of the Constellation shows us that calling the Omega Constellation men’s watches just trendy and fashionable will be wrong.

There are more things this line-up of watches have accumulated under their belt over the six and a half decades they have been around; of which, the Manhattan model itself turned three and a half decades young! To be very precise, the Constellation series is highly valued not only by Omega fans but by all of them who like both the vintage and modern versions of the same models with or without a chronometer certification.

The Omega Constellation men’s watches; even today, are held in high esteem for their superior timekeeping. Seen for the first time in 1952, their pie-pan dials well-fitted into steel, yellow gold and occasionally, platinum cases. The dials had dauphine hands pointing to the geometric hour markers, which inspired the more recent Globemaster.

In case you don’t get a vintage Omega Watches For Mens, you have to choose from the new line-up, which is based upon the Constellation Manhattan of 1982. Apart from the Constellation name, you also get the signature observatory emblem on case-back. The Constellation’s modern form follows the Gerald Genta touches from both the 1960s and 1970s - the iconic case claws and single-piece, tapering bracelets.

The Sedna-gold Constellation (equivalent to Rolex Everose gold) is fadeless; lovely and warm in its tone. The neat dial helps it connect with Omega's past; the detailing around the dial-elements is sharp and angular. It’s precision craftsmanship.

The modern Constellations are unique in their designs with their strong bezels, which average watch wearers may not find that appealing.  But it is popular in the Asian market, to the extent they could become a different brand altogether! Impressive case metal quality and configurations perfectly express the brand’s legacy of being identifiable from across a room. That’s due to the claws and the iconic star – the two most vital elements of a bold, powerful style.

The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Mens Watch comes with a co-axial movement, sized at 38 mm. However, the movement configurations vary greatly with the co-axial escapement staying a common trait for each, some are also set with dazzling diamonds, which gives the name Constellation an entirely new meaning and dimension.
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The best thing about Stuhrling:

Stuhrling Original, with its roots in the name of master Swiss watchmaker Max Stuhrling adheres to the Swiss watch-making standards despite their production on the American soil. Stuhrling also manages to keep their watches in the affordable range (now, we’ll keep aside the debate about affordability here) and keeps a lot of interesting features available within the price range; nevertheless, what will surprise you more is their ability to offer trendy twists on the classic designs. Not that they are something you might consider absolutely essential, but at the end of the day, all you look for is a considerable amount of reliability with top of the chart aesthetics. So, by the end of the day, not just they tell the time accurately but also look good.

What Stuhrling watches are?

No matter how much of a trendy twist on classic designs Stuhrling puts into their watches, the basic approach revolves around the very essences of simplicity, which is good and just works fine. Stuhrling watches are not meant for wearing only when you are wandering about in the wilderness; they are also meant for places dazzling with great warmth and fervor of socializing. So, sporty, steel models co-exist with the elegant, gold-plated pieces.

Despite their name for being a brand making entry-level quartz watches, the heavy, stylistic bent of Stuhrling watches are almost at par with costlier offerings from more established brands. They are impressive, both in terms of build, craftsmanship and quality. Their creations are more than just decent-looking and their range, diverse.

When it comes to the women’s watches, Stuhrling’s Vogue collection says it all! Reflecting the lifestyles featured in the famous fashion magazine, the Stuhrling Vogue targets stylish women with its decorative appearance. There’s red, there’s pink; there are Swarovski gems – all get together to emphasize upon feminine attraction at its best.

The most popular Stuhrling lines:

Stuhrling’s Prestige series is the one to look for the best of trendy twists on classic designs. Prominent models with powerful sport features include the Ocean Maverick; for something more specific, look into the Monaco series. Sporty and classic, they resemble the classic designs once opted by IWC Schaffhausen.

However, it’s the skeleton models (partly or fully) like the Winchester from Stuhrling Original that really qualifies as avant-garde timepieces. Or, for something more exotic, go for the Polaris Dual-time; it combines traditional features such as Roman numerals and Breguet hands with the convenience of tracking a second time zone.

However, the most distinctive feature of Stuhrling Original Watches are the Krysterna crystal, with its beginnings in the optics industry. Among its many advantages, it is extremely scratch resistant and you need a substantial amount of pressure to break it.

Whether you’re going for pure looks or just looking for a decent watch that’s going to tick for considerably long keeping accurate time Stuhrling Original Men's Watch with a twist on classic designs is surely going to bowl you over.

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