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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch2016 made TAG Heuer redesign one of their existing Formula-1 watches (whether it’s a lift or a twist that’s for you to decide) but the fantastic 1970s-style case is undeniably well made and properly follows its ancestors. When it meets the colours, you’ll be sold on the new Formula 1. Fun, sporty and well-priced, it changes nothing from the archetypical Formula 1 sport.

Before everything – “Why do you like this watch? Are you for it?” That is the tough part. The other part is comparatively easy to answer.

You’ll like the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch for being the perfect fit when you are on the quest for a sporty, first real-watch narrowed into just a few...maybe a few less. The best looks with an extremely rigid build and functionality almost unstoppable is your criteria.

Despite intense love for mechanical automatics, your decision should make sense. An automatic movement, indeed, is there in this watch. Quartz – how much ever you may argue, it has better chances of staying alive when thrown into its intended purposes.

Wearing the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch with the strap is what you’ll find wonderfully bright! The blue star-burst dial (also, subdials) syncing with the blue bezel speaks of the many years in the TAG history. To match up, the stagnated range of technical straps (also for Aquaracer) bore options. The NATO-style strap in blue and white with a bright streak of orange in the middle ended TAG’s subdued, monochrome palette. The ‘Black, White or Anthracite’ wasn’t sitting well with those with colour at their hearts. They will find the bright, colourful blue bezel and the dial of the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch a delightful sight!

Turn the Tag Heuer Senna Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch over. There you’ll find the standard steel, Formula-I with the chequered flag. The Ronda 5040D quartz movement it covers offers a 3 o’clock register to show the running seconds; the 6 o’clock register counting 1/10th of a second for the hours (in chronograph mode) and a 9 o’clock register counting 30 minutes of the chronograph times.

The 6’o clock register of the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch also indicates hour for any event timed for more than 30 minutes. Till then, it will show the 1/10th-seconds scale. Former split seconds calculations would be lost.

The battery-powered movement makes an absolutely right choice for the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Men’s Watch. It’s comparatively lower costs and high degrees of manufacture can take the knocks and still stay accurate to the dot.
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Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens WatchA notable example of quality Italian design and exquisite workmanship weaved into a single unit, the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch is more of a work of art than being just a fashionable timepiece. It has been built to suit a vast range of lifestyles and tastes at a price that’s so very affordable.

There’s no beating Diesel when it comes to bold, out of the box designs and the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch proves it once again! Some might also say there are lots of bells and whistles that go into the Diesel watches, which is true for some of its watches but with the Mini Daddy Dual time, Diesel took care that it just stays full to the brim and not overflow.

The Diesel Rollcage Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch showers you with its uniqueness. It is outstandingly different from other dual time watches. Instead of throwing in two different dials for two different time zones, Diesel introduced two rotating discs with the hour and minute markings at 9’o clock. The inner disc is the one that denotes the minutes and the outer one, the hours. There’s a small, red arrow tip on the curved steel bracket; the numbers aligning to that is the time it’s showing. The other one is a regular dial, with three hands. This one is for keeping home time while the disc denotes the second time zone. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding that, you may choose what’s convenient for you. They have dedicated crown assigned to them, so there’s no risk of jumbling up home time to set the other, or vice versa.

The Diesel Uber Chief Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch fits into any form of active lifestyles. No, it’s certainly not the watch you can go rock climbing with, but travelling and recreational outdoor sports are just fine with it. Its excellent build in quality materials vouch for its ruggedness, which is well-concealed to make the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch fit into the urban life easier. It’s the kind of watch you can wear with everything except for strict formals, which also makes it an ideal timepiece for Friday dressing, for the weekend and also for the vacations offshore.

The leather strap is impressive and it’s very high quality, genuine leather that softens with use.  Wide, strong and supple compared to other leather straps at the beginning, it provides a firm grip around the wrist right from day one. It looks edgy and rugged; as much as the mirrored and polished reverse of the watch with the Diesel emblem (Only the Brave) etched into it.

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