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Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 Men’s WatchMaserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001, a watch with all that is needed to be a real player and a racer. The watch hence, speaks of racing cars and motor sports. Powerful wrist watch so beautifully packaged, which opens up all kind of customers and possible lovers to fall for it.

Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 makes life extremely comfortable for those on board. With a grey stainless steel case and bracelet, steel grey bezel and hands as well as the hour markers. The minute scale around the inner rim and analog dial type with the date display between the angular positions of 4 to 5o’ clock. The sub dials with chronograph styles display the 24 hours, 60 seconds and 30 minutes. The case size is big enough at 44 mm and swimmers can be happy with the 100-meter water resistance.  The standard features with great looks make everyone comfortable to carry it from office to party.

Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 men’s wrist watch, it is range that allows refining the performance and gives you the comfort and style like its automobile avatar. The attention given to the detail, design and quality are the true characteristic of the brand itself. Cars and watches have a lot in common, so it is little wonder that tie-ins between the two worlds are so popular. Watchmakers and automakers have collaborated for quite a while now. As far as automotive-themed watches go, it is easily one of the better executed and more considered ones.

On the wrist the Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 men’s wrist watch, ears well and has a very authoritative presence thanks to the all steel grey color and the broad bracelet.  It is not overly thick either, which is nice because the overall look and feel of the watch is equal parts sporty and elegant.

All things considered,the Maserati Epoca Analog  Quartz mens watch’s, theme matches with its elegant car model and is well executed, obnoxious and subtle.

Bottom line: A Maserati Watches for Men that have been made keeping in mind the classic turismo model from the famous Italian car makers MASERATI. The main idea of the turismo is to pack the adventure and essence of the racecar engine in the sophisticated body of the sedan. A mix of adventure and class, the act of being a rogue with a gentlemanly look and attitude.
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Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s WatchIf there’s only one thing you need to mention why the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch should be your choice, votes will go by and large for the sunny outlook it evokes! The bright blue and white dial offers an excellent contrast while the syringe-shaped hands bring in a lot of oomph into the mix, making the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s watch an all-round favorite, no matter what season it might be!

The Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch incorporates quite a few of its elements from mid-20th century architectures, balancing well its overall construction.  Its minimalistic dial and the smooth, satin-finished case stand out from the rest, bringing a very clean and very subtle outlook that finds you awestricken! This is the kind of subtlety you find mostly in the European luxury pieces, especially Swiss. That proves to exhibit a stellar quality you do not need to keep things priced at sky-high rates.

The Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch sports stopwatch functionality, which is an essential complication finding use in an everyday urban life. The absence of a tachymeter announces that the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch is not exactly a sports piece, though you may time your laps or count one with it. Only that you won’t be able to find out the speed of a vehicle or work out its ETA (estimated time of arrival) using this watch.

There are three separate sub-dials marked on the main dial of the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch. The 6 and 9’o clock sub dials denote the elapsed stopwatch seconds and minutes; the one at 3 gives you an approximate idea of the current time in a 24-hour format. This is especially useful for people who frequently cross the time zones; it helps you to manage jet-lags in an excellent manner.

The Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is a wrist essential you can rely upon. While it sticks to the same old materials great watches are made of, the accents are different this time and they make the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch stylish enough even for formal occasions. A watch built to withstand everyday use, the Neutra name conforms to its widespread suitability. In the sense, it doesn’t conflict with any ensemble that you’d like to don. It is a wrist-wear that offers a smart style and all its design elements are presented in equal measures. It captures the imagination that precedes buying a modern-day chronograph watch primarily for urban dressing purposes.

Bottom line: Fossil Watches Online
 infused some best gadgetry with their best knowledge about fashion in sports. Their attempts toward offering a more style-conscious chronograph watch comes up great!
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Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s WatchDiesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473, is a watch for the male species of those individuals who have evolved as a gentleman and have the glamour to carry this simply crafted watch.  The pure stainless steel watch with a stainless steel bracelet is a pure dress watch. The watch has quartz movement with a mineral crystal and analog display. The chronograph dial, which gives us a sundial, 1/15th second count and seconds count. The dare display is at the 9o’clock position. The hour markers here also works as the minute markers.

A Watch that can be worn or gifted is what Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch has to offer us. A round dialed watch where the crowns are placed in the left hand side of the dial. This is what it is unique in the wrist watch. Diesel as a fashion brand in the jeans brand has taken a serious step towards producing dress watches like this. But the watch can certainly take on with jeans or casuals too with its pristine white sundial.

Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch has a balance between quality and affordability that is rare in our industry today. These watches are truly identified all over the world as a comfortable daily wear. Diesel Mens Watches has created a collection of watches that is recognizable all over the world today. That means there is likely a watch that will look fantastic on your wrist right now.

The Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch, is a watch that certainly does not fall in the high priced watches, but while buying them their USP is the affordability with durability and great designer looks. These feature quartz movements that are low-maintenance and provide accurate timing.

Hence, Diesel Timeframes Fastback Quartz Men’s Watch is more of a fashion statement with the brand diesel, and the diesel fans mainly look for looks and which makes them look confident. Most owners report that their timepieces are reliable and enjoy wearing them. The average wear experience for a Diesel watch is typically 1-5 years.

Bottom line: A manly style that is crafted for a perfect gentleman. It has a steel band and a steel case makes it a go-to formal wear for every man. A five bar water resistance makes it a not so water friendly accessory. A fuss free quartz caliber hand watch that can be carried from morning to evening.
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Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Basketball Chronograph T055.417.11.297.01 Men’s WatchThe very model of Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Basketball Chronograph T055.417.11.297.01 Men’s Watch, is made keeping in mind the sportier side of the brand. A time piece which is 200 meter water resistant is sure to woo the swimmers around. A classy look and feel, the wrist adorner surely makes you a standout in the crowd.  A Swiss caliber size of 13 ¼’’’which is an in house specialty, it makes the movement accurate and precise, it works with a quartz four jewel movement. The battery type is the designer’s own Renata 394. The wristwatch has a dial with 41mm diameter and thickness of 12mm. A real lumpy watch.

The lug comparatively is thinner with a width of 12mm. The case cover is scratch resistant crystal sapphire with a brown dial which signifies the nomenclature, “basketball”, with a chronograph complexity. Inside the Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Basketball Chronograph T055.417.11.297.01 Men’s Watch 200m-water-resistant case is an ETA G10.211 quartz caliber, capable of measuring up to 30-minute-long intervals with an accuracy down to 1/10th of a second. Elegantly tucked away at the 4 o’clock position is a discreet date indication for added functionality. Available with a stainless steel strap, this Tissot PRC 200 basketball limited edition is sure to stand out. The chronograph complexity shows three sub dials measuring the seconds, 1/10th of seconds and minutes.

Tissot Watches for Men, being the Swiss watchmaker since 1853, is one of the world’s best Swiss watchmaker, who makes wrist watches within the affordable limits of the high quality range. Mostly experimental with its entire model this particular model is made keeping in mind the basketball sport and those who play it. Hence, it can take in the hardships of a basketball game.

The Swiss quartz caliber has become one of the most modern and impeccably classical, and technologically most modern. The model can be classified as a casual fun loving holiday watch too. The bezel is reduced and hence the dial seems bigger and easy to read. It has a tachymeter and super luminova indices and hands. An out and out sports watch, Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Chronograph Men’s Watch, can be owned for oneself or can be bought for loved one.

Bottom line:  A wristwatch, with a sporty feel and works for the one who is a good sport. A sturdy one with great looks that is what series Tissot T-Sport PRC 200, men’s wrist watch is all about. You are sure to find your perfect match within the Tissot PRC 200 family. This very watch has the nerve to take any sort of abuse related to sports. The sheen remains a despite of all hard ships as the case is pure stainless steel and is not worn out like the coated cases cater regular wear and tear.
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Hamilton Khaki Field Chronograph Automatic H71616535 Men’s WatchHamilton Khaki Field Chronograph Automatic H71616535 Men’s Watch is a watch with the say Swiss brand name that says, “American spirit, Swiss precision”, and stick to its promise. A watch that has the look that says that it has been designed for the army, a strong feel of the Amazonian bed. A calf leather wristband that gives it an even more rugged feel. The dial measuring to 42mm is a perfect fit for the men’s wrist. A watch made for a true adventurer, has a 100mm water resistance and the H-21 automatic timing makes every minute an accurate precision. Moreover it is Swiss made under the umbrella of Swatch brand. An expensive watch, it is made of stainless steel, with a sapphire mineral glass case covering. The H-21 technique is a powerful horological complexity, which reserves a 60-hour power back up, making the model perfect for adventurous activities. With an H pattern oscillating movement which is very much a signature of the brand. A 42m dial and the lug width being 22mm a good watch that fit all kind of wrists. The movement is the famous ETA7750 movement, which is found mostly in all famous Swiss watches like, Tag Heuer, Omega, IWC etc. it’s a very precisive automatic movement which makes a watch expensive. This is way more cheaper than its expensive counterparts which makes Hamilton Khaki Field Chronograph Automatic H71616535 Men’s Watch a value for money.

The watch with a constant second totalizer and a 30 minute totalizer and also an hourly totalizer makes the dial a perfect chronological one. Nevertheless, the polished steel bezel and crowns and a matt finish steel case gives it an elegant look. The matt black dial also adds to the beauty.
Hence, Hamilton Khaki Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch, makes a watch for adventure and sports. A true casual wear watch can get dressy if the strap s changed into a metallic steel one. Illumunious hands and even the hour and second markers, makes it an easy to look in the dark even with the matt black dial.

A true men’s watch, who have the depth of thoughts and the sophistication of carrying it off with pride and grace. Much less told the better. A watch which speaks its own language on its own, ready to make its mark in the world of horology. Are you ready!!

Bottom line: a watch with the house of Hamilton, which boasts of a spirit which is adventurous as an American and the precision of a Swiss make, a wrist watch for the brave hearts. Hamilton’s classic division of Hamilton Mens Watch entitles the three division of military, the field, navy and the aviation, this watch comes under the field section and is mainly inspired by the soldiers fighting on the field. It’s a watch made for the fighters, with a 10 bar(100mm), water resistance and the brands, exclusive H-21 automatic caliber complications and a timing which is perfect and ready for anything.
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Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s WatchOrient may be Jap, but they never fell short of the Euro cachet of fine, Swiss dress watches and always retains the high-value in the most premium of their lines. The Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch, therefore; gets high marks from watch connoisseurs, gaining recognitions from the geeks worldwide to whom, an Orient Star on the wrist is highly praiseworthy despite being much less expensive than its European counterparts. Proud of its technological features, the Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch is inexpensive yet offers the kind of durability, finishing and accuracy its European cousins are renowned for.

The Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch is a hidden gem existing in the world of beautiful, high-quality luxury watches. Despite its friendliness towards all budgets, it displays superior craftsmanship resulting in an exceptional attention to details. The Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch thus truly fulfills the status of being a Limited Edition watch in every aspect and delivers an outstanding quality and functionality, packed with captivating features that make it one of the most distinguished and exquisite mechanical timepieces the world has seen ever!  It’s marked by an elegant simplicity through an alluring, stainless steel construction and a hand-sewn, crocodile-textured leather strap.

The Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch boasts of a dial that’s impeccably crafted in dark blue and teal that’s inspired by the Scottish tartan tradition. Topped with a sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, the Orient Star Limited Edition Automatic RE-DK0002L00B Men’s Watch has an increased visibility that allows appreciating its captivating features all the more. Its expertly-crafted partial skeleton dial makes the Orient in-house Caliber 40S62 automatic, mechanical movement with an improved accuracy visible at work; its, luminescent hour markers and rose gold hands, its 60-second sub-dial and a 40-hour power-reserve sub-dial makes the main dial sumptuous enough to be called striking! From the back, it is a see-through crystal glass that gives a full view of the movement while the rose gold Roman numeral at 12 keeps things from getting boring. The 100m water resistance is an insurance against unforeseen water-related damages.

But most of all, there are only 2000 pieces of these watches that were produced to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Orient Watch Company and the Orient 3 Star Automatic Men’s Watch is one of them. Grab yours before it runs out of stock!

Bottom line: If you are concerned about a 22-jewel self-winding, automatic, mechanical movement, a more than decent power reserve and a design based on the ’50s-style all put together by the latest of technologies, you are not going to find a better deal than the Orient Mens Watches!
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Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens WatchThose who thought Casio is all about resin-bodied digital watches suiting only trendy teenagers and young adults are in for a rude awakening. The Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch is a piece meant for the gentleman to whom a substantial style statement matters the most, with all the necessary information suitable for a daily urban life laid neatly within a single unit.

The Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch is one of the largest models that Casio ever built. If you are a well-sized person, you’ll like it the most. Its combination of silver and gold tones makes it suitable for every kind of urban setting and the best part is, its shine doesn't fade with time, provided you offer a little care (wiping with a damp cloth) for every couple of times you wear it all day long. Its luster shall stay put for long that way and it doesn’t have to be under immense lighting.

The Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch is an iconic accessory for every fashion-forward man looking for a multi-dialed watch without useless functions. You can wear it for all occasions requiring utter sophistication and the four sub-dials ensure that its excellent functionalities come to use for a daily life in the city.

The Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch displays day, date, month and an AM/PM indicator, which is a great aid to frequent travellers in matters of getting rid of Jet lags.  The gold accents add to it a luxurious edge while the linked bracelet – along with the bezel and the watch case - is supremely finished. The 3-fold clasp closure is a durable one and is suitable to hold amidst vigorous activities, even in water; thanks also go to its 100m water resistance. It’s a fusion between a dynamic form, intricate details and advanced technologies, making it a G-Shock with a formal approach and a different set of functionalities you’ll need amidst an urban setting.

However, the Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch is battery powered and does not run on the Tough Solar technology, which is a must for high power consuming functions. Here, once you set everything, it will run on its own without any further interference, thus lessening the need for an abundant supply of power. It also keeps the price low.

Whoever willing to take a dip into the Edifice world shall find the Casio Watches For Men not only a smart choice but also sleek and tidy at the same time.

Bottom line: The Casio Edifice EF-328SG-1AV EF-328SG-1A Mens Watch is one of those rare pieces that offer style and charisma within a single unit without shooting the price up atrociously. Built to fulfill the criteria for a dress piece whole heartedly, the Casio Edifice Chronograph Mens Watch is devoid of features that are rendered useless in a day to day urban life.
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Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s WatchCITIZEN is famous for their comprehensive design and manufacturing process that manifest themselves through their creations and the Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s Watch is one such product housing components built entirely in-house and also assembled within Citizen’s own facility. It stands as an appropriate example to their widely acclaimed statement - Better Starts Now!

The Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s Watch is built upon improved technologies to ensure accurate timekeeping and time-tracking. It’s dainty in its appearance and distinguished in its look but not without appearing dazzlingly stylish, which makes it a splendid piece that conveys the statement of style by making itself present and shining on the wrists of elegant gentlemen.

It is softly gleaming stainless steel that dominates the built of the Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s Watch and creates a sharp contrast against the navy blue dial, thus enhancing its overall visibility, which makes the proverbial at-a-glance-reading a reality every bit. Inspired and influenced largely by the Hamilton Khaki Field series, the Mens Citizen Watches are built stronger, have additional functions and doesn’t require even one-tenth of the maintenance that’s a high-end mechanical watch needs. Besides, it’s much lighter and can withstand many times more the shocks and bumps a field watch is often subjected to.

The Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s Watch sports a handsome style that goes with any ensemble, from your office wear to jeans and cargos. It takes casual modern to new heights with its distinct and detailed construction. At the heart of this timepiece is the Citizen Caliber B612 Eco-Drive movement, which will keep running accurately as long as there is any charge into it. It has all the advantages of a high-performance engine without the hassles of it. The Eco-Drive (Solar) movement has received worldwide recognition for its contribution to environmental protection. Once charged fully, it can run through months at a stretch without requiring any further exposure to light; therefore, even if you want to use it for special occasions, you do not have to worry regarding a power source that ran dry. If it is near to that, the second’s hand (@6) shall indicate by jumping two seconds a time. Besides, the Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0621-05L Men’s Watch also shows time in 24 hour format (the sub-dial at 9) and is a great tool for overcoming jet lags.

Bottom line: A refined, classic-styled timepiece, the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Men’s Watch has simple, elegant lines that give it an understated yet distinguished look. It follows the style that prevailed during the days when aviation industry just took off from the ground and shares some of the winning attributes of the early aviation watches. The whole package is immensely attractive to those looking to bring in some retro charm into their regular ensemble.
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Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex WatchThe Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch is not one of the usual suspects that pop up when prime candidates of a collection are chosen, but it is a more interesting choice as long as daily, rough use (the kind expected from active teenagers); riskier handling and abuses are concerned. It is not one of those things in life for which, you need to plan a purchase; if being spontaneous is your forte, you can be rest assured that the Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch is not going to hold you back. And neither do you need to self-deceive for making the choice!

Even in its plain and simple demeanor, the Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch makes you feel a sense of personal connection towards it. This is because there are no ifs and buts about making a choice; you either get it or you don’t. The Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch is a go-to watch in its every means and the whole thing smacks off without too much of calculation during the times of action.

The Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch is one of those affordable, quality watches offered to the masses by the brand; an attractive blue plastic watch that proves to be an able descendant of the Swatch Watch tradition. The blue shade is both calming and youthful; it brings the watch it’s fun appearance together with the contrasting white markings. The color combo works well in terms of readability and also appears fresh be it anytime of the day; with any outfit (except formals) you pair it with.  It’s a casual design that’s both distinct and subtle; unlike many other inexpensive watches, it doesn’t come with useless bells and whistles which try to compensate for the lack of functions. The Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch shows time and claims to be nothing else.

The Swatch Originals Sir Blue Quartz GN718 Unisex Watch runs on a reliable Swiss quartz movement, which offers a good value for the cost. It is accurate, runs longer than most on the same battery and while not overly sturdy, it is designed for frequent and prolonged usage under not too harsh conditions. The plastic ensures you can expose it to salt water (by the seaside or in the gym or on the track) without the fear or rusting or other types of corrosion.

Bottom line: The Swatch Originals Astilbe Quartz Unisex Watch is an apt choice if you want to impart a sense of appreciation of craftsmanship to bloom over the years in your son and still, the convinced-as-intelligent, fiscally conservative better half won’t object! It is a watch that matters during the times of transitions, so bestowing it upon your child in high school, disputatiously, seem to be a good winning tactic. It is worthy being very reliable, takes beatings with pleasure and comes from a trusted brand that stood the test of time. It will stand further.
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Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens WatchA single glance at the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch reveals the great care been taken with it construction; both technically and aesthetically. Despite an all-black (well, almost) appearance, it is subtle enough to be worn for formal occasions and smart enough to mingle with the crowds at the dance clubs. It is this sleekness that really sets the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch apart from other fashion watches; it doesn't indulge into the typical 'in your face' attitude fashion watches are often blamed for.

The Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch also differs a lot from other watches in the same category, be it in terms of materials, design or craftsmanship. Categorically, it’s a sports-luxury piece; in real life, it is a sophisticated piece ready to go anywhere. Whether it’s an intense business meeting or a Friday night out in the town, the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch blends in seamlessly, keeping open myriads dressing possibilities!

The Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch has the perfect weight. It doesn’t tend to be overly heavy just for the heck of it or to appear expensive; neither is it too light to give an impression of a poor quality. The end result: the Armani Exchange Mens Watches sits comfortably on the wrist and feels real good.

It is also the size of the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch that adds to its feel-good factor. Its dimensions are between being colossal and big – which makes it noticeable enough but doesn’t scream for attention. Put together, the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch becomes a classy piece that doesn’t make you self-conscious or in other words, clumsy.

However, the real WOW factor is its combination of stealth black and silver streak coloring which doesn’t put extra premium on the price. Compared to other watches following the stealth style, it costs significantly lower, making it come within the reach of the mass.

To end with, the Armani Exchange Black Dial Stainless Steel AX2104 Mens Watch is one of the most surprising watches that play their role very well, giving you that luxury feel from deep within.

Bottom line: The Armani Exchange Analog Quartz Mens Watch is a great looking watch that makes you stand out both in your business suit and in your weekend casuals. There’s nothing extra into it apart from regular timekeeping and a date function, but what it does, it does with great élan and ensures you don’t have to stay worried regarding your precious possession facing the everyday, city-life rigors.
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