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 Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Divers 200M BJ7085-09E Mens WatchIn the introduction I declare that the Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Divers 200M BJ7085-09E Mens Watch was 46mm in diameter, and yes, it wasn’t a mistake. My first reaction when I took out the watch was something like it is quite big? I must confess that while shopping for this watch I did not pay much attention to that 46mm listed in specification. In theory, it’s just 2mm more than my Seiko Tuna but in reality that watch is really huge and it’s the biggest watch I have ever owned. On the other hand, the huge diameter is somehow unprejudiced but a relatively short lug-to-lug distance, which is about 52mm. As a result, the watch sits quite contentedly on the wrist and doesn’t wear as big as you would expect.

The massive case of the Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Divers 200M BJ7085-09E Mens Watch entirely made of brushed stainless steel. The only exception of this rule is a narrow ring on the external bezel and some parts of the crowns which are polished. It gives the watch a tool and aggressive look typical for diver’s watches.
The masculine character of the Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Divers 200M BJ7085-09E Mens Watch is further emphasized by two oversized crowns located at 2 and 4 o’clock. The crowns have a cone shape and their texture makes them easy to operate. On the lower crown you can find the Citizen Promaster logo, while the top of the second crown in completely polished. The upper crown doesn’t screw down and its function is to operate the internal bezel. The lower crown screws down, the same as is diver’s watches, its used to set up time, date, and the second time zone.

A luxurious gentleman is easily spotted by his fashion sense, and adding this treasure of a Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Divers 200M BJ7085-09E Mens Watch to your collection will ensure that your style exceeds the criterion. The Citizen is certainly the perfect illustration of an elegant man’s watch for many different reasons. This is obvious from the very start when one looks at the smart black band that is made of a high quality stainless-steel material that is utterly tough. It features a 15MM of width stainless steel case that is both permanent and delicately refined at once. Its smooth black dial adds to the debonair of this timekeeper, and its white contributes to the stylish elegance of this whole piece. This one is a showstopper, one that will naturally set you apart from the rest of the crowd in a moment. However, this luxury watch is not only measured so because of its looks. It offers slayer purposeful features to go beyond the norm as well. For example, not only is it made with quality material, but also it relies on a citizen eco-drive movement, ensuring superior precision and accuracy that will keep you on schedule no matter how busy life gets.

This timepiece can keep up. It is also water-resistant to 200 meters / 656 feet / 20 atm, so a splash will not threaten its functionality. In addition, it features sturdy a mineral crystal that promises to protect the dial of the watch without compromise. So not only is this an accessory with a dapper countenance, but it's unmatched in performance as well. If you're looking for a timepiece that can keep up with your upscale outings and deluxe style, it's obvious that there's no need to look further. This Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive Promaster Mens Watch is what you've been looking for.

Bottom line: A watch with a GMT complication, something which you do not get in mechanical watches otherwise. A pocket friendly Citizen Mens Watches with all expensive features is what we watch lovers are always in search for.
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Casio Edifice Alarm Analog Digital Quartz EFVC100L-1AV EFV-C100L-1AV Men’s WatchThe new Casio Edifice Alarm Analog Digital Quartz EFVC100L-1AV EFV-C100L-1AV Men’s Watch will definitely find a way in its owner‘s heart particularly who had s not experienced the Casio magic before. The new model gives an extraordinary design along with affordability to own hearts and hence, is quite different from other watches of the same price range. It can give the most indifferent customer a complex for what he has missed so far.

The Casio Edifice Alarm Analog Digital Quartz EFVC100L-1AV EFV-C100L-1AV Men’s Watch is a watch may be for the first time in the Casio world, with both an analogue and digital displays. It’s just a flat-out excellent looking watch by almost any criterion, additionally styles and influences, sporting a high-contrast double display and a very decent feature list: Sapphire crystal, 100 meter water resistant (about 330 feet)and Electroluminescent backlight. It also has dual time, stopwatch with a 60 lap memory, 3 alarms, countdown timer and solid stainless steel bracelet.

Casio Edifice Alarm Analog Digital Quartz EFVC100L-1AV EFV-C100L-1AV Men’s Watch the mix of different optical fundamentals from the screwed black bezel to the delicate floorboard between the digital readouts. The dial has a pleasing deepness and is accented by a tiny white “Edifice” label. The digital readouts are high contrast, very trouble-free to read, and are balanced by a two-hand analogue movement that is coordinated with the digital time panel (the bottom readout). The adding up of a sapphire crystal and 100-meter water resistance is a welcomed gratuity given the price.

Casio Edifice Alarm Analogue Digital Quartz EFVC100L-1AV EFV-C100L-1AV Men’s Watch is controlled like just about every other Casio: a button on each corner of the case has a contextual use given which mode you are in. Modes include: Timekeeping, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Alarm, Dual time (to track the time in another time-zone), 2Hand sync mode.
That is an appealing stacked feature list. I loved having a diverse time zone displayed on the screen for when I travel, and a countdown timer is astonishingly useful. One of my favorite features is probably the EL backlight. A “reverse” backlight illuminates the numbers rather than the region around them. Not only does it look exceptionally cool, but it is very realistic, as well, since it makes the watch surprisingly legible in the dark.

The Casio Edifice Analog Men’s Watch has a concrete stainless steel bracelet with concrete end links, and a push button flip-lock clasp. The whole lot about the bracelet is great: it is fairly, weighty, and glistening. However, it is the best wristlet I’ve ever come across.

Bottom line: The watch is the most functional as it can be said in one word. The design of Casio Watches Online is truly extraordinary and the price tag can be said to be quite affordable which can win hearts with all the right kind of features that has been added.
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Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s WatchThere’s no more need to shun out color and vibrancy from your business wear! This Danish brand has delivered such solutions earlier and they have done it once more with the Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch. Diversifying from the set norms of somewhat bland, grim-looking faces on business wrist-wear, their creative side unfurled something that lets you boast of an impeccable quality, dedicated to the key factors that make or break a watch.

The Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch is a high-end, simple and functional model that doesn’t throw any gimmickry at all! It’s a suitable watch for every taste and every style outside the tech and too-much-tech domains. Its flat design makes it sit low on the wrist and slide easily inside the shirt cuffs and makes the 10mm thickness appear lesser and give the Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch a particular, sleek touch.

A look at the Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch is enough to tell you that they have been aiming at developing something unique! The watch is a platter where contrasting pieces come together effortlessly to create a pleasant unusualness. It involves a brilliant combination of shapes, colors and concentric circles, blending details and exemplifying itself as one of the heights form and function can bring into affordable luxury.

The Skagen Jorn Quartz Men’s Watch is a perfect embodiment of the joyful spirit within a passionate, vibrant business sense. Success is not confined within a perimeter; therefore, it has been designed keeping the informal, club meetings in mind. That’s why it doesn’t become overly formal, yet stays backed by longstanding business/casual guidelines.

The Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch is an innovative product that showcases progressive ideologies in designs and style. The watch bears a deep respect to the Danish design heritage and values. Paired with impeccable craftsmanship and a keen eye for the fit, finish and details, Skagen has built a reputation in the watch arena as its first priority. The company has been successfully implementing its lifestyle appeal into public psyche, with the Skagen Watches Online reflecting the modern world’s basic stylistic codes!

Bottom line: A blend of traditional and contemporary Danish design expertise manifests itself through the Skagen Signatur Solar Recycled Quartz SKW6452 Men’s Watch.
It concocts every requirement for everyday usage in an Eco-friendly way. Its three-hand solar movement charges with the light passing through the dial, its transparency invisible to the human eye. There’s no question about the watch stopping abruptly due to a lack of running power; with a fully charged battery, it can run up to six months without further exposure to light.
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Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver Automatic 300M 3050 Men’s WatchThe Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver Automatic 300M 3050 Men’s Watch, is a big diver’s watch that comes with a huge case of 47 mm which is quite big than the other similar watches and makes it an eye catcher for the obvious reasons. The steel and gold combination takes it from a diver to an executive with the same style and aura. The luminous markers and hands enlighten in the dark. It makes the diver as well the nightrider easy to read the watch. Another eye catcher of this model is the clear case back that exhibits the NH35A caliber and quartz movements. The movement features 21 jewels, 6 beats and can be hacked manually too. The 1000meter water resistance, takes it easy to dive, snorkel and play all sorts of water sports.

The watch Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver Automatic 300M 3050 Men’s Watch, have a 36 hour power reserve which suggests that there is no need of battery and once charges can go on . At the top, we can see the signatures “Invicta” and “Grand Diver” below Invicta’s logo in gold. The bottom part of the dial has the water resistant marking (300 m) and the diver suit logo which looks nice and unique, to be honest. The right side of the dial has the date display with Cyclops, which everyone knows was taken from Submariner design.

The Invicta Automatic Pro Diver Men’s Watch, on the other hand, is designed to be a different watch or should I say Invicta’s own design. They only retained some of the elements of the Submariner such as the overall look, Cyclops and bezel design. But details such as the hands and dial signatures are undoubtedly Invicta’s.

With this small but important change, the Grand Diver is not just a Submariner copy-cat anymore but a watch on its own – which is very important for some watch enthusiasts.

One of the “biggest” trait (pun intended) of the Invicta Pro Diver is how big the watch is – it’s close to 47 mm diameter! In addition, with a thickness of 17 mm (it has a very domed case back btw), this is one very big watch. For some, bigger watch is better since the added heft makes it feel to be of higher quality and more sturdy. Actually, that is not true as there are many divers’ watches out there that’s smaller than 40 mm (especially the older generations of watches) and yet can withstand lots of punishment. Some also loves the feel of a big and heavy watch as it feels cool and what is better than the feel of having a huge mass of steel on your wrist.

<strong>Bottom line:</strong> A diver’s watch from the master makers and what else can one want with a huge case and a two-tone feature which makes you go crazy from the sea to the night parties. Invicta Watches Online are winner all the way.
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Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s WatchGlobetrotting adventures are fun and pose a certain amount of risk at the same time. But when you are going places, you also need to look good and presentable. The Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made GMT Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s Watch qualifies in all those departments plus one where a large chunk from the global horological marketplace fails.

There’s no dearth of well built, good looking, worth-its-price pieces with additional function(s) in today’s world; just that most are non-compatible to an economic budget. The Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made GMT Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s Watch fills in that gap dutifully and presents an array of high-end specs and looks at the lower-end of the price-spectrum.

The most attractive part of the Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made GMT Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s Watch is its GMT bezel. Traditionally, GMT or dual time has been a must have feature in travel watches. Starting from the mid-’50s (thanks Pan Am pilots), the ritual of crossing several time zones at once has been in practice even more and often times, monitoring two or more time zones at once becomes essential. More, if you are planning a route.

The GMT bezel frees its wearer from the grueling mental math. The Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made GMT Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s Watch allows up to 24 time zones, in a much less mechanically complex and inexpensive format based only upon measurements and their markings. It allows showing time in all time zones at once you set your home time aligning to the inner chapter ring.

The Seiko 5 Sports Japan Made GMT Automatic SRP685 SRP685J1 SRP685J Men’s Watch combines durability, good looks and functionality to bring you a good value for the money spent. , All meld into one handy watch and yes, you may even wear it to a designer wear party.

The design, quality and colors speak for themselves and not all can be pleased here. They are lesser in number. The total pleaser is the fit, finish and material quality!

The 4R36 movement is a proven workhorse that pulls through in 99.99% cases, much successful than the 23 jewel 7S36 caliber. It receives a 2-jewel upgrade and shares a relationship with the 6R15 and the 7S26.

The Seiko Mens Watches suits all occasions and its little, loveable quirkiness makes it look pretty standard both for the serious and casual atmospheres.

Bottom line: The Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports Men’s Watch is the perfect accessory to adorn the wrist for people who frequent between different time zones and need a time-telling instrument that’s ruggedly handsome and at the same time, tough as a nut.
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Furla Metropolis Quartz R4251102544 Women’s WatchThe design of Furla Metropolis Quartz R4251102544 Women’s Watch, has been made a standout with the bracelet and the dial being the same color and the three and nine hour markers are highlighted by red. A quartz watch with calibreY120EYand made with pure stainless steel. About the display an analogue dial, push and pull crown and the solid case back renders a chicness that cannot seen in other ordinary chronograph watch. The leather strap is pure and solid coloured.

Whatever he caliber and movements may be, it is for sure that the array of pastel shades make it a perfect work wear to date wear. Ranging from powdery rose pink to powdery blue pastel shades it gives a princess feel when you wear it. A sense of romantic aura and essence yet the powerful dial face makes it a real carrier of respect and honor. Furla Metropolis Quartz R4251102544 Women’s Watch is thus a gift every woman will embrace with love and wear with elegance.  It is, perhaps, little surprise that classic-looking, conservative watches tend to look the best in both smaller and larger sizes. More distinctive or artistic timepiece designs tend to look best in a more narrow set of design considerations.

The first thing you will notice upon first inspection of these. Furla Elisir Quartz Women’s Watch is their undeniable simplistic design that would cater more towards a semi-formal dress, although still wearable in many circumstances. The majority of their Italian luxury watch collection are designed with high-end Italian leather straps. The designs of their watches are very balanced and extremely well proportioned, which is noticeable when comparing the face of the watch to the width of the strap.

Furla Metropolis Quartz R4251102544 Women’s Watches are highly unique, and have very strong roots in Italian traditional design. The designer house of FURLA makes some highest quality ladies watches to go along with its famous bag line. The METROPOLIS collection is a fulfillment towards that. However the Furla Watches for Women have been reasonably priced compared to the bags and hence are for those ladies who like to flaunt their beauty with elegance, style and the brand FURLA.

Bottom line: The designer house FURLA brings you the new female watch that has a sleek finish and the powder blue color gives a light feeling that a petite wrist can hold. The featherweight watch is cool and modish but never goes too far.
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Timex Expedition Base Shock Alarm Indiglo Digital T49976 Men’s WatchTimex Expedition Base Shock Alarm Indiglo Digital T49976 Men’s Watch the watch has a rugged look along with a resin styled band that is printed with the military camouflage prints making it more obvious for the adventurer at heart to own this watch. The watch has a 100 meter water resistant allows you to have a light swim. Otherwise the watch is full on for the daring minds who can have a night safari in the jungle along with the indiglo dial which lights up in the dark. Apart from this, the watch then watch has a very sharp and clear display. The five-buttoned dial control the world time, stopwatch, countdown timer and 3 sets of alarms. The case back is stainless steel and sturdy. The digital watch lovers will love the sturdy acrylic crystal that is synthetic and can take a back seat. The case width being a large 45mmwitha strap buckle, and a guarantee of 2 years.

The Timex Expedition Base Shock Alarm Indiglo Digital T49976 Men’s Watch, is a value for money, which gives a high quality digital time with a camouflage strap. The watch has best-set mode where the time can be set according to the US or UK time zones and the indiglo light is better than its predecessor is.

The Timex expedition series is one of the most oldest and sought after series in their whole range. This Timex Expedition Base Shock Alarm Indiglo Digital T49976 is the result of some interesting development, and is one of the most appealing male watch designs that I have seen in a while. While the watch is unique looking, it is trying to be familiar. The best part is that Timex Expedition Base Shock Alarm Indiglo Digital T49976 Men’s Watch is more than just looks, the user interface is genuinely well-designed to be easy to operate and useful. All this needs to be taken in consideration with the reasonable price of the watch, as well as its pedigree.

Aside from the major features, there are lots of little functions incorporated in Timex Expedition Base Shock Indiglo Digital Mens Watch to augment the user experience; glockenspiel that can be turned on and off, a useful night mode for the Indiglo backlight, among lots of other features that are nice to have around. The best part is that the frame is friendly and relatively intuitive. The watches share the desire to go outside and rough it, are products are large high volume companies, as well as offer a bevy of major functions.

Bottom line: The old slogan, which says “keep on licking till the time is ticking”. A super special Timex Watches Online with resin finishing and the indiglo dial which is famous from Timex.
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Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 Men’s WatchMaserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001, a watch with all that is needed to be a real player and a racer. The watch hence, speaks of racing cars and motor sports. Powerful wrist watch so beautifully packaged, which opens up all kind of customers and possible lovers to fall for it.

Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 makes life extremely comfortable for those on board. With a grey stainless steel case and bracelet, steel grey bezel and hands as well as the hour markers. The minute scale around the inner rim and analog dial type with the date display between the angular positions of 4 to 5o’ clock. The sub dials with chronograph styles display the 24 hours, 60 seconds and 30 minutes. The case size is big enough at 44 mm and swimmers can be happy with the 100-meter water resistance.  The standard features with great looks make everyone comfortable to carry it from office to party.

Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 men’s wrist watch, it is range that allows refining the performance and gives you the comfort and style like its automobile avatar. The attention given to the detail, design and quality are the true characteristic of the brand itself. Cars and watches have a lot in common, so it is little wonder that tie-ins between the two worlds are so popular. Watchmakers and automakers have collaborated for quite a while now. As far as automotive-themed watches go, it is easily one of the better executed and more considered ones.

On the wrist the Maserati Gran Turismo Chronograph Quartz R8873134001 men’s wrist watch, ears well and has a very authoritative presence thanks to the all steel grey color and the broad bracelet.  It is not overly thick either, which is nice because the overall look and feel of the watch is equal parts sporty and elegant.

All things considered,the Maserati Epoca Analog  Quartz mens watch’s, theme matches with its elegant car model and is well executed, obnoxious and subtle.

Bottom line: A Maserati Watches for Men that have been made keeping in mind the classic turismo model from the famous Italian car makers MASERATI. The main idea of the turismo is to pack the adventure and essence of the racecar engine in the sophisticated body of the sedan. A mix of adventure and class, the act of being a rogue with a gentlemanly look and attitude.
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Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s WatchIf there’s only one thing you need to mention why the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch should be your choice, votes will go by and large for the sunny outlook it evokes! The bright blue and white dial offers an excellent contrast while the syringe-shaped hands bring in a lot of oomph into the mix, making the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s watch an all-round favorite, no matter what season it might be!

The Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch incorporates quite a few of its elements from mid-20th century architectures, balancing well its overall construction.  Its minimalistic dial and the smooth, satin-finished case stand out from the rest, bringing a very clean and very subtle outlook that finds you awestricken! This is the kind of subtlety you find mostly in the European luxury pieces, especially Swiss. That proves to exhibit a stellar quality you do not need to keep things priced at sky-high rates.

The Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch sports stopwatch functionality, which is an essential complication finding use in an everyday urban life. The absence of a tachymeter announces that the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch is not exactly a sports piece, though you may time your laps or count one with it. Only that you won’t be able to find out the speed of a vehicle or work out its ETA (estimated time of arrival) using this watch.

There are three separate sub-dials marked on the main dial of the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch. The 6 and 9’o clock sub dials denote the elapsed stopwatch seconds and minutes; the one at 3 gives you an approximate idea of the current time in a 24-hour format. This is especially useful for people who frequently cross the time zones; it helps you to manage jet-lags in an excellent manner.

The Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is a wrist essential you can rely upon. While it sticks to the same old materials great watches are made of, the accents are different this time and they make the Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5433 Men’s Watch stylish enough even for formal occasions. A watch built to withstand everyday use, the Neutra name conforms to its widespread suitability. In the sense, it doesn’t conflict with any ensemble that you’d like to don. It is a wrist-wear that offers a smart style and all its design elements are presented in equal measures. It captures the imagination that precedes buying a modern-day chronograph watch primarily for urban dressing purposes.

Bottom line: Fossil Watches Online
 infused some best gadgetry with their best knowledge about fashion in sports. Their attempts toward offering a more style-conscious chronograph watch comes up great!
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Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s WatchDiesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473, is a watch for the male species of those individuals who have evolved as a gentleman and have the glamour to carry this simply crafted watch.  The pure stainless steel watch with a stainless steel bracelet is a pure dress watch. The watch has quartz movement with a mineral crystal and analog display. The chronograph dial, which gives us a sundial, 1/15th second count and seconds count. The dare display is at the 9o’clock position. The hour markers here also works as the minute markers.

A Watch that can be worn or gifted is what Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch has to offer us. A round dialed watch where the crowns are placed in the left hand side of the dial. This is what it is unique in the wrist watch. Diesel as a fashion brand in the jeans brand has taken a serious step towards producing dress watches like this. But the watch can certainly take on with jeans or casuals too with its pristine white sundial.

Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch has a balance between quality and affordability that is rare in our industry today. These watches are truly identified all over the world as a comfortable daily wear. Diesel Mens Watches has created a collection of watches that is recognizable all over the world today. That means there is likely a watch that will look fantastic on your wrist right now.

The Diesel Timeframes MS9 Chronograph Quartz DZ4473 Men’s Watch, is a watch that certainly does not fall in the high priced watches, but while buying them their USP is the affordability with durability and great designer looks. These feature quartz movements that are low-maintenance and provide accurate timing.

Hence, Diesel Timeframes Fastback Quartz Men’s Watch is more of a fashion statement with the brand diesel, and the diesel fans mainly look for looks and which makes them look confident. Most owners report that their timepieces are reliable and enjoy wearing them. The average wear experience for a Diesel watch is typically 1-5 years.

Bottom line: A manly style that is crafted for a perfect gentleman. It has a steel band and a steel case makes it a go-to formal wear for every man. A five bar water resistance makes it a not so water friendly accessory. A fuss free quartz caliber hand watch that can be carried from morning to evening.
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